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App Hopes To Help San Diego Parking Problem

They are calling themselves the 'AirBnB of parking space rentals'

In areas like downtown San Diego, Hillcrest, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach, it can sometimes feel impossible to get a good parking spot. When the weather heats up in the summer, more and more people are trying to get good spots by the beach. 

"I used to see my neighbors in Mission Beach sell their parking spots by holding up signs every summer," said Shadrach Vaughn. "I joined them too to make some extra cash. It was hot, time-consuming and inefficient. There had to be a better way." 

That's why Vaughn founded the app, ParkConnect. It allows users to rent out their available parking spots for days or even hours at a time. It's cheaper to park using the app then paying for parking downtown or in most other places around the county. 

Vaughn is hoping that the app will become the Airbnb of parking space rentals. 

"I'm in real estate. It's an up and down market so I can't always rely on a solid paycheck monthly," said Sara Ghodsi. 

Ghodsi decided to rent out her extra parking spot in Pacific Beach to make passive income. She said she makes around $200 a month during the summer. 

"Living in San Diego by the beach requires a lot of money," said Ghodsi. "You have to find alternate revenue streams sometimes." 

ParkConnect is a mobile web app and not currently available in the iTunes app store. Just go to the website, post a picture of the space and check to see what bids come in. 

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