San Diego

Protesters March in Downtown San Diego Over Election of Trump

Hundreds of people gathered in Downtown San Diego Wednesday night, protesting the election of Donald Trump as the next president. 

An event posted on Facebook called for people to gather at the Horton Plaza on Broadway for a peaceful rally. The group called it "Love Trumps Hate" solidarity rally.

Demonstrators gathered at Horton Plaza and then took to the streets, heading down 5th Avenue and Market Street and later blocking the road.

The following video contains graphic language.

Law enforcement officers lined the road at 11th Avenue and C Street in riot gear, attempting to get the protesters to disperse. 

At one point, protesters gathered at the downtown jail where some of them got into physical confrontations with officers. Protesters began wrestling with officers on bicycles, pushing one officer down.

The officer was not hurt.

But while some expressed their anger, others thanked officers for their service.

NBC 7 spoke with some of the protesters who said they were appalled at the result of Tuesday's election and were there to voice their concerns.

“I know what it means to be on both sides, on the safe side and on the very unsecure side," said Caludia Asmussen, who told NBC 7 that she was half Mexican and half German.

“I just came here because I just wanted to be in a liberal state, but I’m not sure about this at this moment. But for sure, I’m not gonna run. I’m going to stay here and keep on fighting," she added.

Patrick Kelly, another protester described the moment he woke up as "terrifying."

“We watched a year of entirely the wrong person be allowed to ramble on T.V., based off of our legislative body and it’s unfortunate to watch it get to this point," Kelly said.

He said that they will continue to spread the message they stand for.

A man and a woman were arrested, while protesters chanted "let them go," according to an NBC 7 reporter on the scene.

Another protest is scheduled at 1 p.m. on Saturday in Balboa Park in San Diego.

Meanwhile, the Trump's victory also sparked protests in several U.S. cities on Wednesday, including Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.

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