Anthrax Mail Suspect: ‘I'm Not Sorry”

F.B.I. agents arrested a Sacramento man Wednesday for allegedly mailing out more than 120 packages labeled "anthrax" to various people and organizations across the nation. 

One of those packages was sent to the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper offices in Mission Valley. A hazmat team of San Diego Fire Rescue closed off an entrance to the building for a short time as they got into biohazard suits and tested the package.  

"The tests showed that the substance was not hazardous," spokesman Maurice Luque said. "It was not anthrax."

The F.B.I. said the packages contained a CD with a picture of former Secretary of State Colin Powell on it. A small packet resembling a sugar packet was taped to the CD. The packet had a white substance and the word anthrax printed on it.  Agents said most of the packages were mailed to media outlets and businesses, including restaurants. 

Late Wednesday afternoon, Marc Keyser of Sacramento was arrested in connection with the mail hoax.  Investigators said some of the packages had a return address on them, and that helped them find the suspect. 

Keyser, 66, owns a Web site called, which features a picture of Colin Powell on the home page  The same image that was found on the CDs. There's also a picture of what appears to be a small sugar packet with "anthrax" printed across it.

In an interview with a KCRA reporter, Keyser said, "I'm not sorry." The reporter was able to snap a picture with his camera phone before the interview was interrupted by FBI agents moving Keyser to another location.

"I feel I had to take a stand," Keyser is quoted as saying in the KCRA article.

At least two of the packages were mailed to members of Congress.  Rep. George Radanovich of Modesto also received a package.  Two of his workers were taken to a hospital for observation. They did not suffer from any symptoms, however.

Keyser is scheduled to be in court Thursday.

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