Victim Alleges Ex-Cop Talked Dirty to Her

When the 22-year-old was stopped in the Gaslamp she says the former officer talked dirty to her

For the first time, jurors in the trial of a former San Diego police officer accused of sex assault heard from a woman who alleges physical abuse.

Marjan M. was 24 years old at the time of her encounter with former officer Anthony Arevelos in the Gaslamp Quarter in January of 2010.

Marjan says she was pulled over seconds after leaving a parking lot after a night of drinking at the downtown Hard Rock Hotel.

She said Arevalos arrested her after she failed a breathalyzer test and then touched her inappropriately several times during the arrest.

"I was struggling, moving around and he slided his hands down my pants and pushed my tailbone and said 'easy, easy, you're in good hands,'" Marjan M. testified.

At one point under oath today she reenacted with a detective what happened.

She says he cupped her breast three times while she was in handcuffs - twice making a moaning sound.

Marjan is the fifth woman to testify in this trial against Arevalos who was fired from the department back in April.

Earlier Monday, one of the alleged victims of a rogue police officer says she was too embarrassed to tell her boyfriend that the officer offered to let her go from a DUI stop if she showed him her body.

The woman, identified in court as Melissa M., was 22 years-old when Arevalos stopped her in the Gaslamp Quarter on January 9, 2010.

She said Arevalos asked if she'd be willing to pull down the top of her dress if he'd let her go.

But new evidence revealed today that "Melissa M's" blood alcohol was only .06, which is under the .08 limit, meaning Arevalos could not have arrested her for DUI.

On the witness stand Monday, Melissa M. testified that Arevalos had talked "dirty" to her.

One of her friends also testified that Melissa M. told her the officer was "talking nasty" to her.

But under cross examination, Melissa M. acknowledged she could have driven away from the scene. She also said she did not return several phone calls from a detective, who helped build the criminal case against Arevalos after he was arrested and fired from the department earlier this year.

Seven of the 21 felony counts against Arevalos, including sexual battery by restraint and assault and battery by an officer, stem from their encounters.

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