Another Sexually Violent Predator Could be Placed in Jacumba Hot Springs

Sexually violent predator Michael Poulsom.

People who live in an East County community are upset another convicted sexual predator might be placed in their community.

Michael Poulsom, 60, was convicted three different times for sex crimes involving children. Two of those crimes were committed in San Diego County.

Poulsom was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1995, but before he was released he was committed to a state hospital as a sexually violent predator.

A judge recently decided Poulsom should be released this summer and placed in Jacumba Hot Springs.

Those who live in Jacumba Hot Springs are angry another sex offender might end up living near them.

“Truthfully, it’s insanity to me. I was here when they wanted to place the first one and everyone has been against it. As if they think we don’t have children out here in our town,” resident Robert A. Davis said.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, whose district includes Jacumba Hot Springs, released this statement.

“This is outrageous and shameful. The state has already dumped 11 of these monsters in the same rural East County area -- and a 12th predator, Thomas Joseph Cornwell, was just approved for placement there. Adding convicted pedophile Michael James Poulsom is more proof that the state doesn’t care about these quiet, family-oriented communities. These sex criminals should not be let out at all. But if they are, they should be housed – as other predators have been – on the doorstep of Donovan state prison.”

A hearing regarding Poulsom’s potential placement in Jacumba is scheduled for Feb. 3 in San Diego Superior Court.

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