Another Entity Opposes Chargers Stadium Initiative

Downtown Communinty Planning Council urges a no vote on Measure C

Another potential obstacle is about to be thrown in front of the Chargers convadium plan. The Downtown Community Planning Council has done its own review of Measure C (the Bolts ballot initiative) and does not like what it found.

In a draft document obtained by NBC 7 SportsWrap, the DCPC plans to “strongly oppose Measure C” during its meeting on Wednesday night. The document outlines the findings of a subcommittee established by the DCPC to review Measure C and how it relates to the Downtown Community Plan, the Planned District Ordinance and the Design Guidelines (referred to as the Governing Documents).

In the document, authored by DCPC Chair Pat Stark, the DCPC came to the following conclusions (quoting from the document):

  • Measure C is inconsistent with, violates, voids and directly contradicts the vision and most of the relevant goals, policies, regulations and standards of the Governing Documents.
  • [Measure C] eliminates all meaningful public and professional review in the creation and implementation of the most significant land use decision facing Downtown.
  • [Measure C] allows a single, disproportionately and disruptively large building.
  • [Measure C] allows virtually unlimited and unregulated signage.
  • [Measure C] exempts itself from environmental review and fair share of mitigation costs and improvements.

These points were presented at Wednesday's meeting and the DCPC voted overwhelmingly, a 17-1 total, to adopt it as their official public stance on the Chargers initiative. They also want to make it clear the DCPC does not oppose the concept of a Downtown stadium/convention center hybrid, they are specifically opposed to Measure C.

Their determination will now be available for the City Council and other governmental entities to decide what they want to do with the information and whether or not it will influence their opinions.

The Chargers have not yet responded to a request for comment on the development.

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