Animals Surrendered in Victoria Turner Case

The La Jolla woman under investigation for alleged animal cruelty and elderly abuse has surrendered the surviving dogs and cats at the center of her case to San Diego County Animal Control.

While Victoria Turner was granted a hearing before animal control and was given an opportunity to argue for the return of her animals, county Director Harold Holmes said she changed her mind.

During two visits last March, 19 dogs and cats were removed from the million-dollar La Jolla home Turner shared with estranged husband 91-year old Robert Stella.

Two animals were found dead. Animal control confirmed a Chihuahua mix breed was discovered inside the garage freezer.

Investigators say six animals found in the home could not be rehabilitated and had to be euthanized. Of the 11 surviving animals, four have already been adopted. The remaining four dogs and three cats will now be available for adoption.

NBC7 Investigates documented the wall-to-wall trash, clutter and animal waste throughout the home on Avenida De Las Pescas that Turner and Stella shared. Despite the filthy conditions, Turner once advertised she was running an animal rescue there.

The seizure of the 19 pets touched off an animal cruelty and neglect investigation and a San Diego Police elderly abuse investigation involving Turner’s care of Stella.

The county director said animal control turned over its findings to both the City Law Director and County District Attorney this morning.

Assistant County D.A. Paul Greenwood said the elderly abuse investigation is still ongoing but a detective on the case shared part of his findings with him last week.

Turner has not been charged with any crimes. She did not return NBC 7’s phone call asking for some response to this latest development.

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