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Animal Shelters See Spike in Dogs After Fourth of July Fireworks

The County Animal Services microchipped more that 1,000 dogs before Fourth of July

Animals shelters in San Diego County saw an increase in the number of dogs arriving after the Fourth of July fireworks.

Forty-five dogs were brought to three shelters in the county between 7 p.m. Tuesday and 12 p.m. Wednesday.

Dogs can get spooked by the sound of fireworks and may run away from home.

The county offered free microchips for dogs prior to the Fourth of July festivities so the beloved pets could be reunited with their owners should they run off.

The department microchipped more than 1,000 dogs.

"If someone is missing their dog, they can check our website or visit our shelters to see if we have their runaway pets. We encourage people to look at surrounding shelters too as dogs can easily run from one shelter’s jurisdiction into another," said Daniel DeSousa, Director of County Animal Services.

Click here to check the department's website. 

You can also check the lost and found page to see if your pet's photo has been posted.

Fourth of July Dogs Found 2
County Animal Services
45 dogs arrived at three San Diego County animal shelters between Tuesday and Wednesday.

If a dog is not claimed within three business days and does not have any identification, they will be put up for adoption. If the dog has been identified but not picked up in five business days, the department will make them available for adoption the following day.

According to county officials, nearly 60 dogs ended up at the county shelters on Fourth of July and a few days later in 2016. The year before, The shelters saw 67 dogs.

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