Animal Services Seize 18 Animals in Jacumba

County Animal Services seized 18 animals Thursday in Jacumba.

Originally responding to a report of neglect, Animal Control Officers required the owner to provide veterinary care and feed the animals adequately.

After finding no change in the quality of care Control Officers returned to the home Thursday.

“We confirmed there was still no food on the property, we went out today, and we ended up seizing all the animals for their own protection,” Lt. Laura Ward of the Department of Animal Services said in a statement.

Officers found most of the animals very thin and emaciated after months of almost no food.

“Because we have done several of these horse seizures in the last couple of years we work really closely with the large animal veterinarians, and we’ve gotten really good at adding to the diet as it goes to get weight on these horses pretty quickly," Ward said.

Officers also found a dead four-month baby horse at the proporty.

Animal services seized three horses, one Shetland pony, ten goats and four pigs. They are being cared for at the county’s animal care facility in Bonita.

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