Fire Engulfs Ambulance Carrying EMTs, Patient

The EMTs and patient inside the emergency vehicle managed to escape the fire unharmed

An ambulance carrying EMTs and a patient suddenly erupted into flames early Wednesday morning as it traveled along a busy street in Pacific Beach, officials said.

The fire sparked in the emergency vehicle just before 2 a.m. as the ambulance was transporting a patient on Garnet Avenue and Mission Bay Drive.

The driver of the ambulance heard a loud noise and pulled over. Shortly thereafter, the engine caught fire and an explosion rang out as the ambulance burst into flames.

The EMTs pulled a patient from the back of the ambulance right before the fire erupted. The EMTs and patient escaped the vehicle unharmed.

Onlookers captured video of the vehicle fire on their cell phones.

San Diego firefighters quickly arrived on scene and were able to put out the flames within minutes.

The fire is under investigation, but officials said it’s possible there was an oxygen tank on board that exploded.

The patient was transferred to another ambulance, which finished transporting her to the hospital.

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