Amateur Video Shows Trolley-Shooting Aftermath

Security officer survives shooting at La Mesa's Grossmont station

Newly released video of a crime police are calling bold and unique shows the aftermath of a brazen shooting.
Just after 10 p.m. on Saturday at the Grossmont Center Trolley Station, a gunman approached an MTS security officer, pointed a semi-automatic pistol at him and immediately shot the officer, police said. While the victim was on the ground, the suspect shot him a second time, then demanded the officer's weapon, while pointing the pistol at him from close range. The gunman then took the officer's weapon and ammunition from the officer's gun belt.

La Mesa police released the video of the shooting on Monday in the hopes that it would jog someone's memory, perhaps a witness who was there and didn't talk to police yet or someone who may know the suspect.
The video was shot by a man who lives in a nearby apartment.

"We heard a couple of shots inside our house -- they were that loud: two big booms," said Robert James. "We came out to investigate what it was. We could see it from where we were."

On the video, the shot officer can be seen on the ground while police officers rush to secure the scene. Soon afterward, paramedics arrived.
"We don't have a motive -- in this case, the officer did what he was told while he had a gun pointed at him at very close range and he was shot anyway," Lt. David Bond of the La Mesa police said. "That's why we consider the suspect so dangerous."

Police said a similar incident happened last Wednesday at the 62nd Street Trolley Station when a gun and ammunition were stolen from an MTS security officer.

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