Sunny Days Turn Chilly

Always the same weather – hah! 

Well, you can say good-bye to the heat wave and, as we prepare to say, “Hello Winter” it’s looking like we can say Aloha to the sunshine as well.  Suddenly, big changes in our weather seem to be the norm rather than the exception. 

As a local weatherman I hear it all the time: “San Diego’s weather is always the same.”  The fact is it’s never exactly the same any two days in a row.  Granted, the changes are usually pretty subtle and hard to distinguish but they are there never the less and lately they’ve been pretty regular and anything but subtle. 

In just the past two weeks we’ve gone from rain and bitter cold to record-breaking heat. Seven temperature records were set or tied on Sunday and again on Monday and now we’re headed in the opposite direction again.  Today’s highs should be 15-20 degrees below yesterday’s and even cooler tomorrow. 

Low pressure is replacing the sunny high pressure that moved in over this past weekend, and it looks as if the clouds, cooler temperatures and eventually rain, will stick around well into next week.  We might even get a little snow on the peaks of Laguna and Palomar Mountains.  Wouldn't that be something, " A White Christmas in San Diego"?  Apparently this year anything is possible.

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