Alleged Victim Files Damages Claim Against Ex-Cop, SDPD

The woman claims former Officer Christopher Hays committed a sex act in front of her

A claim for damages was filed Monday against the San Diego Police Department and its former Officer Christopher Hays by one of the woman accusing him of sexual misconduct on the job.

According to her attorney Dan Gilleon, the woman said Hays arrived at her home on June 12, 2013 with other officers to arrest her boyfriend, who was suspected of beating her.

The woman claims Hays stayed behind after the others left, cornered her, unzipped his pants and committed a sex act in front of her. She said she rebuffed his sexual advances, and Hays left angrily, threatening to return.

Gilleon’s client, who has not been identified because she is an alleged victim, said she then became the victim of periodic stalking by Hays.

Throughout August, she claims an SDPD vehicle would drive by her house and shine its spotlight in her direction, and she assumed the officer inside was Hays.

The claim filed against the city contends that the woman was too scared and intimidated by the alleged stalking that she did not report Hays’ behavior until investigators sought her out earlier this year.

SDPD Lt. Kevin Mayer confirmed the woman in the June incident was the fifth accuser to come forward. Her case has been turned over to the District Attorney’s office.

Along with the claim, Gilleon filed a petition for leave to file a claim because the incident was more than six months ago. Gilleon could file a lawsuit if the city rejects the petition.

An SDPD investigation was first opened into Hays’ actions in December when a woman alleged he had patted her down inappropriately when he gave her a ride home.

After that, investigators found three other women who claimed they had gotten similar pat-downs from Hays.

Two others come forward through Gilleon – not the police department -- with more serious accusations against Hays, including oral sex.

A seventh victim came forward through attorney Brian Watkins.

On Feb. 9, Hays was booked into the San Diego County Jail on charges of false imprisonment and sexual battery.

He was later charged with two felony counts of false imprisonment and three misdemeanor counts of sexual battery, relating to the cases brought by the original four women.

Ten days later, he officially resigned from the department.

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