What Happens on Dr. Phil Doesn't Stay There

Home Raided; Couple on TV

A San Marcos couple who confessed their shoplifting crimes on national television as guests on Dr. Phil, is under investigation by the San Diego Regional Fraud Task Force.

The North County Times reports that the home of Laura and Matthew Allen Eaton was raided, with agents seizing toys, a car and more.  In fact, the paper also reports that the couple were videotaped on a three day trip with their children, in which they hit 27 stores and stole an estimated $5,000 worth of stuff.  $5,000!  In three days!

But that's nothing.  The Eatons told Dr. Phil they had stolen nearly $1 million (insert Dr. Evil's face) in merchandise over seven years.

Apparently some of the stolen loot got re-sold over on an Internet auction web site.

Again, no arrests have been made.  Yet.  But the investigation is ongoing.

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