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‘AJ Mornings' Moves From KyXy to Sunny

"AJ Mornings" launched on KyXy 96.5FM six months ago following the radio station's abrupt cancellation of its longtime program, "Jeff and the Showgram"

After nearly six months on the air at KyXy 96.5FM, local radio host AJ Machado is moving – although not very far – as the San Diego radio landscape shifts once again.

Machado launched his new show on KyXy 96.5FM – “AJ Mornings” – on Aug. 7, 2017, filling the 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. weekday mornings slot left vacant in late June with the station’s abrupt cancellation of the longtime program, "Jeff and the Showgram."

"AJ Mornings" features Machado – a fixture on San Diego radio for more than 17 years – and co-host Sara Perry, who was on the air at KMFB-FM, for 15 years. The show is produced by another familiar local radio personality, Hula Ramos, who has worked with Machado for years.

On Wednesday, Machado and his radio show announced both on the air and on social media that they were moving to San Diego's Sunny 98.1FM, effective Thursday. The host urged listeners to change their radio pre-sets so they could find their voices on air come Thursday morning.

Machado, Perry and Hula will be making the trek to the new station together. Sunny is calling the radio show "AJ & Sara on Sunny 98.1."

Meanwhile, KyXy's revolving weekday mornings radio slot will be filled by longtime host Susan DeVincent, who will be on the air from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

This move marks the latest in a series of change-ups in San Diego radio.

Last September, Top 40 station Energy 103.7 officially welcomed Tonya Gonzalez and Sean "Sonic: Leckie as co-hosts of the new "Tonya and Sonic" weekday morning show.

In late June 2017 "Jeff and the Showgram" was suddenly yanked from the morning airwaves on KyXy 96.5FM after being broadcast on San Diego radio for nearly 30 years.

"The Showgram," inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2016, was co-hosted by Jeff Detrow, Tommy Sablan, Laura Cain and Emily Griffiths. Formerly called "The Jeff and Jer Showgram," the radio program was also helmed by Jerry Cesak until his retirement from radio in October 2015.

Following the cancellation of "Jeff and the Showgram," Sablan told NBC 7 that he was proud of the work the program had done over the decades and was optimistic "The Showgram" gang would land on their feet and one day come back to radio.

Earlier this month, Detrow did just that, announcing he had moved to Sacramento to take a hosting gig on the Christian radio station, K-Love, which can be heard nationwide, including on 102.1FM in San Diego.

"The Showgram" gang continues to run a Facebook page for "The Showgram," in which they take turns posting messages and staying in touch with their "11 listeners" -- a term they used on air to refer to their San Diego fans.

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