San Diego

Airport Shuttle Carjacking Suspect Found Competent

A man accused of posing as a passenger and stealing an employee shuttle filled with workers at the San Diego International Airport was found competent to stand trial Wednesday.

Norberto Eaton, 46, of Arizona, face kidnapping and false imprisonment with violence charges after he commandeered an airport employee shuttle bus on April 19.

Eaton jumped into the driver's seat when the shuttle driver stepped off the bus to give a piece of equipment to another shuttle driver, San Diego Harbor Police said.

Several of the nine passengers on board the shuttle managed to take control of the vehicle away from Eaton.

He was arrested by a parking enforcement officer, police said. 

On Wednesday, Eaton was found mentally competent to stand trial. Bail was reinstated to $500,000.

Eaton also faces a vehicle theft charge and a count of reckless driving when his next hearing is scheduled on July 14.

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