San Diego

Ahead of Expected El Nino, Company Hands Out 1,500 Sandbags

 As San Diego heads into what could be a wet winter, a lot of San Diego County residents may be unprepared for a strong El Nino.

Clean Earth Restorations, a company that specializes in disaster cleanup after flooding, handed out free sandbags in the mission Gorge area for residents.

Mark Esquivel with Clean Earth Restorations said many homeowners call them in hindsight, wishing they had the resources ahead of time.

“We get a lot of clients that call us up and say I wish we would've had this. I wish we would've done that,” said Esquivel. “So, we're just trying to get the word out there to have people be prepared."

The company had about 1,500 sandbags to give away.

The majority of Californians who live in high-risk flood areas do not have flood insurance, according to FEMA.

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