Experts Share Tips on How to Combat Distance Learning Fatigue

Experts share tips with NBC 7 on how to stay motivated and positive while guiding children through distance learning -- many, many months into the pandemic

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We're well into October, and many students in San Diego County are still learning from home. This is creating homeschooling fatigue for a lot of parents, but there are a few ways to cope.

Online classes and learning can be intimidating, both for students and parents. And there are some obstacles as well, like having reliable internet at home and learning the online platform that teachers are using.

NBC 7 spoke with an online tutoring service for students, TutorMe, to get some advice to help out parents right now.

The service connects students with tutors in over 300 subjects right away, providing personalized support around-the-clock so students never feel lost.

The biggest complaints TutorMe tutors hear over and over are that students aren’t motivated or get lost in the mix.

Parents and students should both take the time to familiarize themselves with the online platforms being used by their child's teacher, and continue to do that every month.

Check-ins with teachers are great and needed.

Also, know that kids will probably need a little extra help with some subjects, whether it’s you helping with that, a group getting together virtually, or a tutor.

“Even if they are able and have the time, they typically aren’t as familiar with the subject as maybe a tutor would be or someone really qualified in that field. So it really provides a nice de-stresser to the parent so that the experts can really help out their child,” explained Myles Hunter, CEO and Co-Founder of TutorMe.

One easy thing parents can do right now is look over the common core requirements for their child. For California students, that information can be found here.

Educational standards describe what students should know and be able to do in each subject in each grade.

This will give you a better understanding of what your child should understand now and at the end of the school year.

Also, Khan Academy is a nonprofit and free resource, and can help teach subjects like math that parents may struggle with. You can get more information on that here.

For more information on TutorMe and its services, click here. The company is offering a one-hour free trial if you use the promo code "NBCSD."

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