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Actor Scott Eastwood Accused of Claiming to Be City Worker, Dismantling Protest Signs in Del Mar

Save Our Bluff SD opposes a massive resort development planned in Del Mar

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A video of Scott Eastwood, actor and son of Clint Eastwood, appears to show him attempting to dismantle a protester’s banner Sunday in Del Mar.

As Eastwood appears to be untying a sign fastened to a tree, a member of the protest group, Spencer Gobar, is seen asking him to leave the sign alone. Gobar told NBC 7 that Eastwood claimed he was a city worker to some of the members.

"Asked him to step away and he just continued to try and dismantle the banner, which was so bizarre with this kind of sadistic grin on his face," said Gobar.

The group Save Our Bluff SD was peacefully protesting in the Del Mar Plaza in opposition to Measure G and the proposed resort development Marisol. On the project website, supporters are listed as well as the benefits for the community that include: public access to the bluffs, enhanced trails, beaches, street improvements, affordable housing, and millions in tax dollar revenue.

NBC 7's Jackie Crea spoke to protesters who were shocked by the actors actions.

If passed in March, Measure G will change the zoning from low-density residential land to high-density commercial land. Gobar told NBC 7 development of a resort on the bluffs would change the fabric of the community.

“We just care about our coastline. we care about our neighbors, and our friends and our families," said Gobar.

Save Our Bluff SD members believed Eastwood could be a supporter in the project, but Zephyr, the development firm behind the project, told NBC 7 that Eastwood was not linked to the project in any way.

"We’d never encourage or condone any uncivil behavior on our behalf," a statement from Zephyr CEO Brad Termini said. "Our hope is that neighbors will share their viewpoints on the measure respectfully and constructively as they continue to learn more about Measure G’s many benefits for Del Mar."

NBC 7’s request for comment from Scott Eastwood and his company, located in Encinitas, have not been returned.

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