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Accidental Drowning Ruled as Cause of Death for Missing Woman in Sunset Cliffs: ME

Amanda (Mandy) Cruse's body was pulled from the water by a jogger on March 5, nearly a month after she had been missing.

A missing woman found dead in the water at Mission Beach died of accidental drowning, according to the autopsy report released Thursday by the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office (ME).

Amanda (Mandy) Cruse's body was pulled from the water by a jogger on March 5, nearly a month after she had been missing.

According to the ME, a woman was jogging on the beach when she noticed what appeared to be birds attacking a child in the water. The woman jumped into the water and pulled the body onto the beach.

That's when the woman realized the body was partially skeletonized and called for help.

Cruse, 30, went missing during her vacation in San Diego this February.

She was last seen near the Sunset Cliffs area of San Diego on Feb. 18. San Diego police believed Cruse may have gone back to Sunset Cliffs the next day to take pictures.

Cruse's car was found on Feb. 21--residents said it had not been moved for three days.

On Sunday, March 5, police responded to a report of a body found on the beach near the 3900 block of Ocean Front Walk in Mission Beach. The body was later identified to be Cruse.

According to the ME report, Cruse was not intoxicated or under the influence at the time of her fall. She is believed to have fallen from the cliffs into the water and drowned.

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