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Injured Dog Rescued From Concrete Storm Drain on El Monte Road

The dog was pulled from a storm drain pipe with numerous abrasions and minor injuries.

Deputies rescued a 2-year-old injured pit bull left near a drainage pipe on El Monte Road, the Department of Animal Services confirmed.

As of Monday, still no owner had come forward to claim the dog.

The dog has numerous abrasions and puncture wounds, said Daniel E. DeSousa, Director at the Department of Animal Services in San Diego County. He is limping on both rear legs.

A concerned citizen called the Animal Services Department after spotting the dog limping off the road on Lake Jennings, said DeSousa. 

The dog was not wearing a dog license and is not microchipped, said Lorie Schwar, the Animal Control Officer.

Due to the dog's injuries, he was taken to an emergency veterinary hospital for treatment overnight on Wednesday, said Schwar. The dog was picked up Thursday morning by Animal Services and taken to a facility in Bonita on the 5000 block of Sweetwater Road. 

"He has some old injuries and is also dog aggressive, so our staff is seeing if there is a rescue that would be willing to take the dog," said DeSousa.

County Animal Service officials say there is no criminal investigation at this point. It was not known whether an owner abandoned the dog or if it got into a fight with another dog and ran away.

The goal is to find an owner for the dog, said County officials.

A vet has examined the dog, who is now back at the shelter in Bonita. All his injuries appear superficial. He has cuts, bite wounds, a tick infestation and dehydration. The dog has no broken bones.

The owner has until 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 12, to claim the wounded animal. He may need on-going veterinary care, depending on the intensity of his injuries.

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