ABLE Pilot: Cash Looked Like Confetti

A San Diego Police helicopter pilot calls Thursday's pursuit one of the strangest he's ever seen. 

Officer Don Borinski is a 13 year veteran who flies the for the department's ABLE helicopter team.  "We try to bring an air of calmness to the officers on the ground," Borinski said. 

Officer Borinski was behind the controls of ABLE when two suspected drug traffickers led ground units on a high speed chase through San Diego.  During the pursuit the suspects threw out thousands of dollars in cash onto the freeways.  At first, Officer Borinski thought it was confetti. 

"Seeing this vast amount of confetti that ended up being money flying out of this vehicle, it was different," Borinski said.  

The helicopter pilot also says the cash commotion on the road was unbelievable as drivers got out and grabbed money

"That was a problem from the stand point that all of these people then stopped and were trying to get rich quick," he said. With ABLE's help the chase came to a peaceful ending. 

The officer has been involved in more than 50 pursuits in his career and ranks this one in the top five.  So, what's his number one?  Last week, a suspected bank robber led police on a dangerous chase where at times he drove the wrong way into oncoming traffic.  In the end, the suspect in that chase also got caught. 

Officer Borinski says there's a lesson to be learned. "If we're overhead, you're not going to get away with it," he said.

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