Wonderfully Wet February

Wet February keeps San Diego ahead of the curve rainfall-wise

Getty Images/Peter Macdiarmid

February didn't start off wet and it certainly didn't finish that way either with dry, warm, sunny weather and six record high temperatures reported on Saturday.  In between however we got rain, more than usual and enough to keep us above average for the season.

We ended the month with our official total at Lindbergh Field .59-inches above the 2.04-inches we average in February.  That brings us to 8.76-inches for the season so far, up nearly an inch and a third for the season. 

We may add at least a little rain to that total this coming week as one storm after another hits the coastline to our north and brings us a slight chance of showers early Tuesday and again toward the end of the week.

Looking back, San Diego received more than half it's rainfall total for the month on one day, the 7th, when 1.41-inches was measured at Lindbergh Field. 

Had the region enjoyed an average January, our July to June season total would already have been reached.  Instead the airport saw an abysmal, very dry .08" for the entire month which will likely come back to haunt us this Spring and Summer as water restrictions go into affect.

Statewide, there are still moderate to severe drought conditions from Bakersfield north to the Oregon border. 

The snow pack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is running from around 60% to 90% of normal with a number of good, snowy storms expected over the next week. 

San Diego and Los Angeles Counties are listed as "below normal" rainfall on the national drought monitor, thanks to the last two dry winters.

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