A San Diego-Tijuana Olympic Bid Has “Zero Percent Chance”

Sochi Olympic hopefuls are gathering in Park City, Utah this week and so are U.S. Olympic Committee executives.

The media summit gives reporters and other members of the media the chance to ask questions of athletes before they enter the final months of preparation for the Olympic Games.

On Tuesday, it was the USOC’s CEO Scott Blackmun who was questioned about the chance of a “Bi-National” Summer Olympics hosted by San Diego and Tijuana – something proposed by former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner several months ago.

Filner once said the border cities were on a top 10 list of cities under consideration.

Blackmun did not mince words. In fact he say “zero percent chance of that happening.”

However, San Diego shouldn’t lose hope.

"We would very much entertain a bid from the city of San Diego because we think it's a great sports city and as I said has been a great supporter of the Olympic Games for a long, long time," Blackmun said.

As for the Winter Olympics in Sochi - competition gets underway in just 127 days to be exact.

Filner worked briefly with Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante on the bid for the 2024 games and even publicly volunteered former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to be an honorary chair of the project.

Romney later publicly refused the post but did say he would help advise the former mayor in the effort.

Romney, a La Jolla resident, oversaw the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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