Ellen DeGeneres Gives Love to SD Couple

A San Diego Marine Corps Officer surprises his girlfriend on the Ellen DeGeneres Show


It’s a typical story of love at first sight.    

“The first time we met I knew she was the one,” says Kyle Davis, a Marine Corps Officer at Camp Pendleton.

His girlfriend Sarah Luymes, a nurse in the ICU, felt the same way about their first date.

“Something about him," she said. "I just thought I might be with this man for the rest of my life.”

And as the love grew over the year, it was time for the next move in the relationship.

Except, Davis thought big and took his proposal idea to Ellen DeGeneres, his girlfriend's favorite TV host.

“I knew she was a huge fan of the Ellen Show and I thought this would probably be a good thing but probably wouldn’t happen … but I thought I’ll write to the show and tell them how great she is,” she said. “Just tell them about us and see where it goes.”

Not expecting to hear back, he was shocked when he got a phone call.

“They said that they liked our story and that we looked great together”, beamed Davis.

DeGeneres’s team and Davis planned for a couple weeks and DeGeneres gave the couple V.I.P tickets to her Halloween show.

Then, once in the audience, DeGeneres made her first big surprise for the couple. She called Luymes down to her stage to thank her for being a loyal fan.

DeGeneres then asked Luymes who she came with, and she responded her boyfriend.

“He looks familiar," DeGeneres said. "I don’t know why. Oh, yeah this is why.”

A pre-recorded video of Davis talking about Luymes and their relationship pops up behind Luymes and DeGeneres. Sarah cusps her mouth in her hand and breaks into tears.

“I was absolutely not expecting that. I was totally thrown off," she said.

DeGeneres asked Davis to make his way down to the stage and DeGeneres tells him if he wants to do what he had planned.

Davis grabs Luymes by her hand and gets down on one knee.

Sarah started to cry again and when he asks the ultimate question.

Her answer was “yes.”

"If you find the right one you will do anything to make her happy,” responds Davis to his method of proposal.

 “You set the bar pretty high," Luymes said to her new fiance. "I loved the proposal. It was the surprise of all surprises.”

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