A Range Of Emotions Following Gas Leak On New Oven

NBC 7 Responds helps a Scripps Ranch woman clear the air with a faulty kitchen range.

The day was meant to celebrate the unveiling of their new kitchen remodel, but Scripps Ranch resident, Jody Salman said she knew something was wrong.

“Right off the bat, we started smelling gas coming from the oven,” Salman told NBC 7 Responds. “My contractor said to give it a couple of days and usually the smell will burn off, but the smell didn't burn off.”

Salman took the contractor’s advice and tried to enjoy her new kitchen.

Her and her husband had friends over one evening.

“My girlfriend said, ‘Jodi, I smell gas.’ Think I was getting used to it in a scary way.”

Salman called SDG&E out to detect a leak. Not long after the technician had arrived, he told Salman the bad news.

“He told us there were dangerous levels of carbon monoxide coming out from the oven. He said anything over a scale of nine is considered dangerous. And it was registering at a level of 30.”

Salman said she got on the phone and called Home Depot and the oven manufacturer, LG.

Salman’s warranty was with LG and she quickly called the company. In the meantime, her family was forced to cook what meals they could on a toaster oven and often resorted to ordering out.

But Salman said she had little luck getting through to LG when calling.

“My husband and I maybe made like 25 or 30 phone calls and asked for management,” she said. “Nothing. They would keep us on hold. I couldn’t believe how we're being treated.”

Before she knew it, five weeks had passed. Salman said she was left with few options. That’s when she called NBC 7 Responds for help.

We reached out to LG and Home Depot. Salman said someone from Home Depot contacted her with information on when her new oven would be delivered.

In a statement, a spokesperson from LG said the company is “very sorry that Ms. Salman experienced a problem and we’ll be evaluating the unit to understand the situation better as this is not at all a common occurrence.”

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