A Possible Call for Action To Increase Day Care

The California Department of Education is considering having schools that have the infrastructure and staff to be part of the solution

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One of the many issues facing parents during this pandemic is finding child care.

That’s true even if parents are around, working from home. Parents still need someone to watch over the little ones while they work. With school closures potentially lasting longer than a few weeks, parents are really feeling the stress of finding day care.

In light of that, the California Department of Education (CDE) said there could be “a call for action," in which schools would be called on to be part of the solution.

CDE Deputy Superintendent of Communications, Kindra Britt, said right now, only those places that have the infrastructure and staff to supervise children to the “extent practical” should be providing day care.  The CDE does not want to have "'pop-up" day care centers, said Britt. Recognizing that day care is a big issue, the CDE may consider a call to action, asking schools to step up and provide day care for those in need. 

What would that look like, given the mandate for no more than the same ten children in a room at a time? Britt said if the CDE moves forward with a “call for action” the guidelines would be forthcoming.

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