Neighbor Assistance Program Hopes to Help Those at High-Risk for COVID-19

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A local neighborhood assistance program is hoping to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The San Marcos COVID-19 Neighbor Assistance Program is helping their neighbors who are at high-risk of COVID-19.

“We came together on NextDoor, we kept on seeing people on the app saying that they wanted to help out elders in their community,” said Sandi Lord, a founding member of the program. “We said 'all of those who want to help out let’s all get together on a group phone call and get this started.'”

In a week, the group consisting of four built a website and started posting flyers on all public places throughout San Marcos including laundromats, apartment complexes, gas stations, and local health facilities.

The neighbor assistance program hopes to match volunteers who are under 60 are low-risk and healthy, with elders or others who run a high-risk in contracting COVID-19. They also hope to help those who are Spanish speaking.

They hope to help out individuals in getting groceries, picking up prescriptions, or other things they may need help with.

"We are also calling and checking on them to see how they’re doing. Just to give them that comfort level that somebody is out there to provide assistance," said Sethu Madhava, a founding member of the program.

This neighbor assistance program is only offered in San Marcos, but they hope other neighborhoods can start their own on this as well.

So far, they’ve had more volunteers calling to lend a hand than those needing help, but they hope to get more calls after they are done posting their flyers.

“If anyone needs help out there, we are more than happy to do whatever they need help with,” Lord said.

For more information, click here or call (442)999-4887.

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