‘A Hot Pocket?' Man Breaks Into Wells Fargo Bank in San Diego, Allegedly to Use Microwave

The man, accused of breaking into a bank in San Diego’s Chollas View area, said he had been using the microwave inside the building to warm up Hot Pocket sandwiches

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San Diego police surrounded a Wells Fargo bank in Chollas View early Wednesday after a man broke in through a window, claiming he wanted to use a microwave inside the breakroom to warm up some Hot Pockets.

Just after his arrest, a freelance photographer captured video of the man telling police about the Hot Pockets and how he had eaten two of the sandwiches while inside the bank. The photographer asked the man if the ordeal was “worth it.”

“Was it worth it? Yeah, it was worth it,” the man – as he was being handcuffed – replied without hesitation. “A Hot Pocket? Hell, yeah.”

The man said he was hungry and homeless.

The incident began just after 3:15 a.m. when a security alarm was set off at the Wells Fargo bank in the Market Creek Plaza on Euclid Avenue.

About a half-dozen SDPD officers went to the scene. They found a shattered window at the drive-thru ATM area and surrounded the bank. A security company was able to monitor the cameras inside the bank and confirm that the suspect who had broken in was still inside, police said.

Officers, some with guns drawn, stood at the entrance and told the man to come out. A freelance photographer with SDNV captured the tense moments on camera.

“San Diego police! You’re under arrest,” an officer yelled. “We need you to come out with your hands up.”


Officers warned the suspect that a K-9 would be sent in if he did not surrender.

Soon, police forced down the door and sent the K-9 in. Moments later, officers were seen walking the man out of the bank, holding his hands behind his back.

The man, whose name was not released by police, was arrested at the scene for breaking into the bank.

Officers swept the rest of the bank to make sure no one else was inside.

No one was hurt.

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