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A Hot and Dry Thanksgiving Ahead for San Diego County

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and people in San Diego headed for the beach.

“It’s not too hot but it's a little crazy to have it this warm,” said one San Diegan at Mission Beach. “I’m okay with it.”

He had family visiting from Fresno, Sacramento, Arizona and Colorado, and said the weather didn't matter so much, as long as he was with family.

“It doesn't matter what the weather is. We've had it rainy, we've had it like this. I can take it anyway, but I dig this.”

Record-breaking heat was recorded in San Diego Wednesday, where temperatures reached 90 degrees in the afternoon, shattering a record set in 2015 of 84 degrees, NBC 7's Jodi Kodesh said. 

By mid-day, temperatures across the county were three to 10 degrees warmer than average for this time of year, NBC 7's Whitney Southwick said. Intense heat could be felt across the county as coastal communities and the valleys saw temperatures in the low 90s. Mountain areas were experiencing slightly more comfortable temperatures in the high 70s.

Some Santa Ana winds were reaching San Diego County's mountains and foothills, but were relatively light, NBC 7's Whitney Southwick said. 

Some out-of-towners seemed grateful for the heat.

“I'll trade your winter for mine," Andrea Green from upper-state New York said. Green said it was about 44 degrees in Schenectady, cloudy and windy. 

Hot and dry conditions were expected to continue on Thanksgiving day, albeit a few degrees cooler.

Wednesday's high temperatures in the 90 degrees along the coast, 99 degrees inland, 75 degrees in the mountains and 90 degrees at the deserts.

For Thanksgiving, temperatures were expected to fall three to seven degrees in all areas except the deserts.

Big changes to the weather are ahead, though, NBC 7's Whitney Southwick said. A cool down could drop temperatures up to 10 degrees this weekend with even cooler temperatures expected next week. 

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