A Headstart on the Holidays, Light it Up

Putting up Christmas lights before Thanksgiving?

It’s a hot topic for internet forums and neighborhood gossip. Some say holiday lights before December is too early, while others say it's fine.

“No, for us it’s before Thanksgiving," said San Diego resident Sacha Adam.

That’s why he had holiday lights and decorations installed on his home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It turns out, Adam is not alone.

“Our phones are ringing off the hook and we’re trying to fit as many customers in as we can,” said Matthew Rall, owner of Christmas Light Pros.

Rall said business started getting busy in October and hasn’t slowed down. By December 25th, he expects to do over 300 installations in San Diego County.

“Most of the customers that call us don’t want to get up on ladders, they want someone else to take the risk. They also want something festive and are getting in the spirit. Most of our customers were calling us the beginning of October and November to get an installation date set,” said Rall.

For homeowners that do have their holiday lights up before Thanksgiving, it’s easy for them to shift from one holiday to another, just eat turkey and stuffing, then hit the switch and boom--holiday lights are shinning bright.

Adam says his family is ready to light up the house.

“Lights are always super exciting, so any time there are lights outside, especially at night, it’s awesome. We can’t wait.”

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