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A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Little Italy Food Market

When you walk around the farmer's market in Little Italy enjoying the food, you might not think about the long journey these entrepreneurs take to turn their passion into a business. 

Malaina Buford of Chula Vista was a waitress when a family health scare changed her life. 

"My mom got Stage 4 Cancer. 10 years later, she's in remission, all through diet," said Buford. "That inspired us so me and my husband we really started to learn a lot about farming." 

Now the couple runs Grandma Sally's Farm, raising chickens, ducks and growing carrots and herbs. 

"A lot of people don't know if you're certified organic, all that means is you're certified to use organic pesticides," said Buford. "We don't use any of it." 

The farmers market each Wednesday not only provides an outlet for more local jobs but helps meet the growing demand for locally produced food. 

"I try to get as [many ingredients] as possible from other farmers here at the farmer's market," said Elizabeth Cramer, owner of FaVe Tacos, a vegan taco business.

She added the farmer's market layout helps food vendors realize quickly what is working and what is not working for customers. 

"Even though we're competitors, we all know the success of the farmer's market makes all boats rise." 

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