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Would You Donate Money for Supplies?



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    Would you contribute money to help pay for school supplies like paper and pencils and crayons?

    On Tuesday night, the San Diego Unified School District is considering a proposal to collect donations for schools. 
    It is a voluntary approach, with donations of any amount accepted by an established San Diego Foundation. The genesis of the idea comes from Proposition J, that was an emergency property parcel tax put on the ballot last November to raise money for the schools. 

    Prop J was approved by 51 percent of the voters -- though, not the two thirds needed to pass though. The measure would have taxed residential parcels $98 per year and businesses $450 per year.
    In this case, tax-deductible donations of any amount would be accepted and administered by the San Diego Foundation.

    Board member John Lee Evans came up with the idea after hearing from citizens who wanted to know how they could contribute after the failure of Prop J.
    Under the program, the District hopes to raise $1 million for schools between now and the end of October.

    Would You Donate Money for Supplies?

    [DGO] Would You Donate Money for Supplies?
    The SDUSD is considering a proposal to collect donations.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011)

    That leads to the question many are asking: Can they give specifically to the school their children attend?

    The answer is no.

    The money would be collected to benefit all schools and distributed according to enrollment.

    The proposal is on Tuesday night’s agenda.