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Women Bloggers Find Market Empowerment

Thousands of women bloggers will attend convention seeking help and sponsorship



    Women Bloggers Find Market Empowerment
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    The largest gathering of women bloggers will convene at the San Diego Convention Center this weekend to meet with corporations that want to support their blogs.

    Women are the ideal authorities to review products and spread the word online, said Elisa Camahort-Page, co-founder of BlogHer, the publishing network running the conference.

    “Across the board, every industry is realizing women are the primary purchasers of households and these women are blogging about the decisions they are making,” Camahort-Page said.

    It’s a win-win situation, she added. Women can get paid for their writing, which is encouraging for the network of women bloggers who connect through BlogHer.

    Over 3,000 women plan on attending the conference. Organizers say the magnitude of attendees is promising, and is one step forward in helping women achieve proportionate numbers in the workforce.

    “It’s smart business,” Camahort-Page said. “When women aggregate their voices like this, they are more powerful.”

    The BlogHer conference also seeks to educate women on the type of social media and self-publishing tools they might need to promote their expertise. Video blogging, mobile gadgetry and how to involve community are some topics that will be discussed over the weekend.

    Companies from nearly every consumer market will be available to discuss partnerships with the women bloggers at the conference, Camahort-Page said. This includes companies from the automotive, healthcare, beauty supply, technology, and food industries. Notable companies like HTC, Pfizer, Gatorade, Glad, 3M, Ford and PepsiCo are some of the conference promotions.