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Will Another Violent Predator Move to East County?

A judge will rule Friday if convicted child predator Allen Fields will move to Campo

NBC 7's Omari Fleming spoke with several residents of Campo who are concerned about plans to place convicted sexually violent predator Allen Fields in their community. (Published Friday, Aug. 22, 2014)

A 1,200-square-foot house in Campo could become home to a violent child predator, and East County residents say they’re worried for their safety.

Friday morning, a judge is scheduled to rule on the Department of State Hospitals’ proposal to move convicted predator Allen Fields, 58, into the three-bedroom, one-bathroom home on Custer Road.

Neighbors are furious, concerned the state is trying to turn Campo into a dumping ground for violent predators.

“If he moves in, I’ll be watching,” said neighbor Cindy Bieschewski, holding up two fingers to her eyes.

Fields spent 25 years in prison and more than ten years undergoing sex offender treatment for molesting four boys in the 1980s.

Even Fields’ voluntary surgical castration does not relieve neighbor’s concern.

“It doesn’t take away aggressiveness in animals,” said potential neighbor Jock Ogle. “It just keeps him from reproducing.”

A playground sits about a mile from where Fields could call home. Campo Elementary School is just 2.2 miles away.

“I feel for all the people with kids saying, ‘Please! Not here! Not here! Not here,” said Tagan Freeland.

With Fields possibly becoming Campo's newest resident and the state suggesting violent sex predator Douglass Badger move into the area, County Supervisor Dianne Jacob issued this statement:

"Here we go again. The state is trying to unload yet another monster on a peaceful, family-oriented community. Although this convicted pedophile may have been castrated, residents lose serious quality of life each time one of these predators is dumped in our communities."

If the judge approves the transfer, there is no word on how soon Fields could move in.