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What to do During an Earthquake

County lists preparation tips and best tactics for staying safe during an earthquake



    The weekend's quake swarm in Southern California were a reminder than emergencies could be just around the corner.

    Indeed, scientists from the California Geological Survey say seismic activity could continue for the next day or so.

    Here's a list of earthquake preparedness tips and resources.

    • Check home for potential hazards – things that can topple over and cause injury.
    • Secure televisions, bookshelves and other heavy furniture to the wall.
    • Use special hooks to secure photos and art to walls.
    • Plan and rehearse with your family where you can seek cover during shaking in each room of your home.

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    • Drop, Cover and Hold On. Get down low to avoid falling, find a sturdy desk or table to seek cover under and hold onto it while covering your head with your other arm.
    • If there are no tables, find an interior wall that is not near any heavy furniture or near glass picture frames, windows or under light fixtures, scoot down and cover your head.
    • If outside, find an open area away from buildings, trees, or overhead utility wires, sit down and cover your head.

    • Check your home for potential hazards.
    • If you smell gas, turn it off at the valve.

    For all updates on emergencies throughout the county, click here.


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