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What Did You Do During the Blackout?



    Millions of people were effected by the great blackout in San Diego. The lights were out, TV's, computers, and cell phones did not work. Without modern technology people were forced to find some other way to pass the time in the dark.  What did you do?

    Some people took the time to eat all of the ice cream in their freezer. From the comments on our Facebook page, a lot of people had the same idea.

    "Well, wouldn’t want to be wasteful and I got an idea from an old Archie comic too, and let a little sit on the counter ‘til this morning, WONDERFUL in coffee," one person wrote on Facebook.

    "We wanted to, but didn't wanna open our freezer to preserve the temp," said Ari Elle. "But as soon as the power's restored we devour the melted ice cream, LOL."

    Blackout Challenges San Diegans

    [DGO] Blackout Challenges San Diegans
    People all around San Diego coped with the power outage in different ways.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 9, 2011)

    In University Heights, people crowded around the Park Blvd. Deli and played music and ate ice cream.

    Down the street,  people crowded around the front door of Twiggs Cafe and played games by candlelight.

    Some people took the time to get to know their neighbors.

    "We built a small campfire and Bar-B-Qued in our front yard with our neighbors sharing hot dogs and marshmellows, looking at the beautiful star filled sky," Gabriella Coz wrote.

    Lots of people had the same idea. The blackout was a great way to reconnect with kids and neighbors alike.

    "We had a potluck BBQ with the neighbors and swimming by tiki torches 'til the kids couldn’t swim anymore, then the dark wasn't an issue," wrote Amber Freeman-Webster.

    Kids left in dark went back to the "old way" of entertaining themselves.

    "My kids lit candles around the living room, pulled out the game table and played Monopoly together," said Carole Lane. "So great to see them pull together and make the best of it."

    The best part of the blackout for kids in San Diego -- No School!