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Wet, Stormy Weekend Ahead

San Diego might see up to 5 inches of rain



    Wet, Stormy Weekend Ahead
    You might have to bust out your umbrella for St. Patrick's Day weekend!

    A storm is brewing for the weekend, warns the San Diego County Depart Department of Public works.

    The group sent out a Twitter update saying this weekend’s storm could mean road closures or flooding in some areas.

    The National Weather service issued a special statement saying San Diego can expect anywhere between 1 to 5 inches of rain, with strong gusts of winds reaching up to 75 mph in the deserts.

    NBCSanDiego meteorologist Jodi Kodesh said St. Patrick’s Day weekend could be wet and rainy, forcing some people to change their plans for the holiday.

    “It’s looking like Saturday, Sunday – possible Monday being cold, rainy and snow in our local mountains down to lower levels,” she said.

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