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Weeping Mother Seeks Son's Killers



    Weeping Mother Seeks Son's Killers
    Brandon Evans had just moved to the Bay Area to start a new life

    The mother of Brandon Lee Evans, 20, is trying to raise reward money to find his killer.

    The Scripps Ranch High School Graduate was shot and killed in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco November 29, just three weeks after he moved to the city.

    Brandon's mother Christine, returned from the Bay Area on Friday to bring her son home. She talked to San Francisco Police and visited the site where her son was fatally wounded.  "I wanted to see the last place my son was and try to find answers like any mother would do.  And seeing the blood still on the ground," said a tearful Christine Evans. She says she talks to detectives on a daily basis but they have few leads in finding the people who killed her son.

    Brandon Lee Evans and his friends were listening to music in Golden Gate Park November 29.  When the music had finished, Evans went to his car to get his cell phone.  His friend said he heard several shots.  "We thought it was fireworks at first and then started talking about fireworks.  When we realized it was gunshots we ran," said Silas Bouscaren, who has been friends with Brandon since the 10th grade.  He said he went back to find Evans and saw him lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to in his back.  "I tried to put pressure on his wound to try to stop the bleeding," said Bouscaren who believed at the time that his friend would survive.  Evans died on the way to the hospital.

    Evans' mother says police have no motive for the shooting.  His wallet was found in his unlocked car.  His pullover sweatshirt and cell phone were missing.  Family and friends wonder whether his sweatshirt had anything to do with his death.  It featured the symbol of an underground hip-hop group called Hieroglyphics which supports peace and a positive message.  Friends say he made no enemies since his recent arrival to San Francisco.

    His mother had originally opposed his move to San Francisco but had been encouraged by news of what her son was doing in the city.  "We talked on the phone at 9:20 that night and he said things were going well.  He told me he just got a job teaching kids boxing," she said.  She was later visited at 4:00am by detectives who informed her that her son had been killed.  "I said no I will not accept it and he kept trying to get me to sit down and I said no and I kept walking upstairs to get away from him," she said of her reaction to the news.

    Christine Evans now hopes that a reward can be given to someone who can lead police to her son's killer.  "I really feel that money will really help find this person because I think money will make someone talk," she said.  She has opened a bank account for donations towards that cause.

    Washington Mutual (now part of Chase)
    Account name:   Christine Evans
    Account #:      422 2186060