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Parents of Wandering Child Located



    Parents of Wandering Child Located
    Downtown as seen from Coronado. The little girl was found northwest of where this shot was taken.

    A little girl was found wandering the streets of Coronado overnight.

    The child was taken into county custody as police tried to locate her parents or guardians.

    Just before 7 a.m., officers reported the girl's parents had been found and were on their way to Polinski to be reunited with their child.

    Coronado police say one of their officers was flagged down around 1 a.m. on 1st Street near Orange Avenue about a block away from the ferry landing.

    A resident told the officer about a young girl who appeared to be lost.

    The girl appeared to be about five to seven years old with dark, shoulder-length hair officers said.

    She was wearing a yellow dress with pink butterflies and no shoes when she was found.

    The girl doesn’t speak English and officers tried several interpreters to communicate with her.

    She appeared to be physically fine and was not distraught officers said.