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WATCH: The California Proposition Song

"Let's all be singing along, because the ballot is so darn long!"



    WATCH: The California Proposition Song
    California Voter Foundation

    What's the best way to remember California's 11 propositions? Through song, of course!

    A nonpartisan group of voter advocates crafted a folksy sing-a-long tune to help voters remember which proposition is which.

    The catchy song is an easy-to-digest three minutes and tackles the often-complex language of the measures with rhymes like, "[Prop.] 31 is also 'bout the budget / Its changes are not triffle / If it's passed the budget goes from a one to year cycle."

    For more on the issues facing San Diego voters, check out our Decision 2012 feature page.

    The video also features lyrics, in case you decide to have an election-night karaoke party.

    The lyrics were written by the California Voter Foundation's president, Kim Alexander. It takes place throughout Sacramento, where the foundation is headquartered.

    Watch the video below: