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Voter Registration Deadline: Monday

Voter registration form available online



    Voter Registration Deadline: Monday
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    Time is running out to participate in the June primary.

    Monday May 21 is the last day to register for the primary, which will take place June 5. The Secretary of State and the San Diego County Registrar both released statements urging voters to take the necessary measures to participate.

    “Filling out a voter registration form takes less than five minutes, yet every election cycle there are eligible Californians who bow out of participating in democracy," said Secretary of State Debra Bowen in an email.

    Click here to register to vote in San Diego County.

    What's it worth? Five minutes of your time means you'll have a say in issues such as a proposed cigarette tax, who might help San Diego schools from going insolvent and how a new Chargers stadium might be funded.

    The future of city workers' retirement benefits in the City of San Diego is one of the most hotly debated issues and most-watched topics in the race for mayor.

    We held another mayoral debate on Sunday, in which candidates fired off on topics like the kinds of campaigns they've been running and what on their resumes makes them most fit to be the mayor. You can watch all or some of the answers panelists asked by clicking here.

    For more coverage of the issues facing this election, check out our Decision 2012 feature page.