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Vista Shoplifting Ring Leaders Arraigned



    Vista Shoplifting Ring Leaders Arraigned

    A group of undocumented immigrants, accused of stealing, roughly $300,000 in merchandise were arraigned in court on Friday.
    Everything from high-end clothing, to bags and shoes were stolen from several Ross Department Stores over the span of at least two years. 
    The group of five was formally charged with felony theft.
    According to detectives, some of the defendants, or subjects, acted as lookouts.

    "Subject would case the store, he would leave and he'd be on the phone, telling them it's ok to start taking merchandise," said Sheriff's detective Brian Patterson.

    Detectives said the group would sell the stolen merchandise from one of their homes during the week. On the weekends, deputies said they would take   the items to the Oceanside swap meet.

    Investigators say they all worked as a unit, sometimes hitting the same store, many times a week.