Visit Knott's Berry Farm for Military Tribute Days

Coasters, sunshine, family good times: Knott's Berry Farm pays tribute to fire and law personnel, as well as members of the military, with gratis admission over several special days. Visit California

Knott's Berry Farm's new buzz-building, stomach-twirling dive roller coaster, the one with the "raised 96-degree drop," is still several months away from opening, but calling upon the Buena Park theme park now means a whole lot of riding on a wide array of thrill-inducing, fast-zoom rides.

With, of course, the added bonus of holiday doings, which are now flowering at the historic destination like so many poinsettia.

Which all leads to this: Knott's Berry Farm is eager to show gratitude to military personnel around the area, and is doing so by offering complimentary admission during Military Tribute Days from Monday, Nov. 27 through Friday, Dec. 15, 2017.

Just be sure to bring identification with you, says the park, for your gratis ticket and a complimentary ticket for one guest. As for attending with friends and family? Six additional tickets may be purchased at a significant discount.

There's also a special code for a discounted stay at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel, if that is in your plans, so read all.

Fire and Law Enforcement Tribute Days also extend from Nov. 27 through Dec. 15, with an additional run from Jan. 8 through 31.

Employees of the California Department of Forestry, FBI agents, and Wildland Firefighters are all eligible to gain free admission to Knott's Berry Farm during the tribute days, but there are several other personnel categories that qualify, so eye everything before you go.