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Violent Border Tasing Video Stirs Up Emotions

A packed house gathered to watch the PBS special that highlights the video at the North Park Equality Alliance Center



    Violent Border Tasing Video Stirs Up Emotions
    Anastasio Hernandez's widow, Maria Pulga, talks about the violent video that shows her husband being tased by Border Patrol agents.

    Newly released video first obtained by PBS is sparking controversy in a nearly two-year-old border patrol investigation.

    Some believe the video could prove what ultimately led to the death of an illegal immigrant.

    It shows a dark, grainy shot of 42-year-old Anastasio Hernandez lying on the ground handcuffed while being tased, kicked and punched.

    More than a dozen agents stand over him.

    Video Reveals Violent Tasing Near Border

    [DGO] Video Reveals Violent Tasing Near Border
    Pedro Rios from the American Friends Service Committee talks to NBC 7 reporter Diana Guevara about a recent video showing a man being tasered by border patrol agents.
    (Published Friday, April 20, 2012)

    You can hear Hernandez scream for help during the incident.

    “He felt pain, a lot of pain. Anastasio was a very strong man and to hear him scream in that fashion was because he was in a lot of pain,” said Maria Pulga, Hernandez’s widow, through a translator.

    A packed house watched the PBS special at the North Park Equality Alliance Center Friday evening.

    “We will all mourn again, but my hope is that we also recognize this is an opportunity to take action. This is an opportunity to call for justice,” said Andrea Guerrero, Executive Director of Equality Alliance.

    “No man, no human being should be treated with the indignity and the brutality that Anastasio was treated,” Bring Justice Home Campaign director, Christian Ramirez said.

    The border patrol has said they were justified in tasing Hernandez. They said he became combative as agents were returning him to Mexico.

    The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide, but authorities also say methamphetamine contributed to his death.

    “He was a San Diegan first and foremost, longtime resident of the 4th District of San Diego, where he had his roots set. Five children and a wife,” Ramirez said.

    “My children miss their father. My children ask me every day, `Why did they kill Daddy?’ I don’t know how to respond. I want answers to that question,” Pulga said.

    We reached out to Border Patrol, who are referring all media inquiries to the Department of Justice.

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