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Victim in Actor's Trial Described as Violent



    Victim in Actor's Trial Described as Violent
    Kendra Beebe (L) and Shelley Malil in an image shown to jurors during the trial.

    The San Marcos woman stabbed more than 20 times was described in court Wednesday as a dishonest, violent person who spit in people’s faces.

    Kendra Beebe was rushed to the hospital in critical condition from her home on Shadetree Drive Aug. 10, 2008.

    Beebe’s ex-boyfriend, actor Shelley Malil, is on trial, accused of attempted murder in the attack.

    The prosecutor contends Malil flew into a rage when he arrived at Beebe’s home uninvited and carrying a knife. The defense team has said Malil was acting in self-defense and that he was attacked first.

    When defense attorneys called their first witnesses, they called Bebee's former employees who described the victim as a woman with an explosive and volatile personality.

    "I just know she has lied to me, lied about other people in the office and about things we've done," said former employee Kristen Becker.

    Michelle Timmins described a workplace confrontation with Beebe during which Beebe was fighting with Andrew Peach, another co-worker.

    Stabbing Victim Testifies in Shelley Malil Trial

    [DGO] Stabbing Victim Testifies in Shelley Malil Trial
    The woman who suffered more than 20 knife wounds recalled the moment she realized she was being stabbed Tuesday during the trial of actor Shelley Malil. Source: Stabbing Victim Remembers a Flash of Silver | NBCSan Diego
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010)

    “She was within inches of me and raised her hand to hit me,” Timmins recalled.

    Peach testified that Beebe screamed, yelled and knocked over a plant in an argument over some files on his desk.

    “She started to leave and turned around to spit in my face,” he said.

    When the prosecutor asked Peach why he felt Beebe was violent, he answered with a question.

    "How could you not see that somebody comes at you spitting in your face, throwing things around in your office, trying to assault your new office manager and not think they're a violent person?" Peach asked from the witness stand.

    Shelley Malil might be best known for his small role in the "The 40 year old Virgin", a movie that starred Steve Carell.

    Malil is scheduled to take the stand tomorrow. He is facing 20 years or more in prison if convicted.