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Victim Talks About Vehicle Burglary Series



    When Priscilla Zaragoza and her family moved into a home on Ironwood Road in Scripps Ranch, they didn't think crime would be a problem.

    "Scripps Ranch is a good neighborhood," Zaragoza said.

    There's no question, it is a good area, but that doesn't mean criminals won't target it, as she found out the day her family moved in on August 22.

    Later that night, a thief broke into Zaragoza's Honda Fit.

    Victim Talks About Burglary Series

    [DGO] Victim Talks About Burglary Series
    Car burglary victim Priscilla Zaragoza talks about what she and her family have experienced since moving to their new home in Scripps Ranch.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011)

    "I opened my door and all this stuff was on my seat and my glove compartment was open," she told NBCSanDiego.

    Zaragoza wasn't the only victim.  Her parents' vehicles had also been targeted and the thief got away with two watches.

    According to the Scripps Ranch Civic Association, there have been nine car burglaries and three thefts since the end of July.  All of them have happened in the Scripps Ranch area.

    "Car burglars are opportunists, they look for something that's easy," said San Diego Police spokesperson Lt. Andra Brown.

    She said it doesn't matter what neighborhood it is, car owners have to use every safety precaution possible including car alarms and steering lock devices like the "Club".

    Zaragoza also has some advice.  "Make sure your doors are locked and make sure you don't leave valuables in your car."