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Verizon Opens Pricing Plan to "Everything"

Cell phone company lumping together devices on new plan



    Verizon Opens Pricing Plan to "Everything"
    Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

    Verizon Wireless says it is creating a "groundbreaking" pricing plan.

    The plan allows for up to 10 devices on a single bill and makes them all share from the same data pool.

    The "Share Everything" plan goes into effect on June 28 and "will forever change the way customers purchase wireless services," according to a Verizon press release. 

    But one market expert said it may not actually change that much.

    Share Everything Plan Pros and Cons

    [DGO] Share Everything Plan Pros and Cons
    The new Share Everything plan from Verizon may have a few perks, but the bundling technology may cost you. Consumer Bob spoke to SDSU Marketing Professor Steven Osinski about the plan and what consumers can expect.
    (Published Tuesday, June 12, 2012)

    "It's basically more marketing oriented spin on a lot of existing technology and services they already provide," said Steven Osinski, San Diego State marketing professor.

    Under the plan customers pay $40 for each smartphone, $10 for tablets and $20 for Jetpacks (Mobile Hotspots). On top of that, customers pay for their desired shared data amount, 1GB for $50, 4GB for $70 and 10GB or $100.

    In a comparison chart provided by Verizon, basic plans are identical in choice between the current "Nationwide" plan and the new "Share Everything" plan. However, when more devices and data are included, the new "Share Everything" plan is less expensive.

    Three smartphones and one tablet under the current plan runs $250 a month for 8GB.  Under the new plan it would cost $220.

    The plan also promises an easier billing statement. The key to the plan for Verizon is charging for data.

    "They make their money on data," Osinski said. "This is an innovative way to get more revenue generated by having more and more data products assigned to the Verizon Wireless company."


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