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Vandalism Spree a ‘Prank Gone Bad’?



    Vandalism Spree a ‘Prank Gone Bad’?
    West Hills High School in Santee.

    Graduates from West Hills High School returned from a senior trip to damaged cars covered in graffiti, sheriff’s deputies said.

    The vandalism spree, apparently a "prank gone bad" on the part of younger students at the Santee secondary school, came to light about 5 a.m., Sgt. Damon Blankenbaker said.

    The seniors had left their cars in the "Senior lot" before heading to Knott’s Berry Farm for Grad Night. At least 16 vehicles had been broken into or vandalized. Many of the vehicles had broken windows, slashed tires, and damage to the body.

    “Also many of the vehicles had “Junior takeover” written on the windows along with other sayings. These writings appear to have been done with water soluble markers,” Sgt. Blankenbaker said.

    Several of the students also reported items missing, including an Ipod, wallet, cash, and gift cards, deputies said.

    Video from the school showed two groups of people coming onto campus during the night.

    “Several juveniles came forward to say they were responsible for writing ‘Junior takeover’ on the vehicles as a prank and admitted to being on campus at about 11:30 p.m., but were adamant that they did not break any windows, damage property, or steal any items,” Sgt. Blankenbaker said.