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Vacation Plans Grounded After Bank Loses Man’s Money

An adventure of a lifetime was placed on hold for an Escondido man when he says his bank wired his money to the wrong place.



    NBC 7 Responds: Man's Bank Loses His Vacation Money

    When he couldn't get things figured out on his own, he contacted NBC 7 Responds. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018)

    “I want to go, that’s the bottom line,” Steven Heinz said, “But it doesn’t seem like I’m getting any place, I’m spinning my wheels.” 

    Steve Heinz said time is not on his side when it comes to a trip to Spain he had planned. He said health issues are making it difficult for him to travel. 

    “I figured it was about time I did something for myself,” Steve said, “So that is what I was going to do, it was the last hoorah.” 

    Steve said he ran into problems when he went to his local Wells Fargo bank to send $4,000 to a Spanish based travel agency. 

    “I go down to the bank and I ask the bank what is better, should I use a credit card or wire it?” Steve said. 

    Steve said the bank teller told him he should wire it and took the account information from an email Steve says was sent to him by the travel agency. When the travel agency told Steve they hadn’t received his money, Steve discovered the bank teller had entered the wrong routing number for the wire transfer.

    This meant Steven’s money was sent to another bank in Spain. 

    “You made the mistake, I said I didn’t make this mistake,” Steve said. 

    For two months, Steve had been waiting for the bank to find his money. He said Wells Fargo wouldn’t call the bank in Spain but instead sent electronic searches. After months went by with no results, Steve called NBC 7 Responds for help. 

    “I have all my reservations, I paid for the plane tickets, everything,” Steve said, “But if I don’t get the money, I can’t go.” 

    NBC 7 Responds contacted Wells Fargo and within 72-hours, the bank said Steve would have his money returned. Steve told us his trip to Spain is now back on track. 

    “I couldn’t have gotten it without you,” Steve said. 

    Wells Fargo declined to answer our specific questions about Steve’s missing money but Juan Lopez, a Communications Consultant, sent us this statement, “We are committed to building better every day, and it’s important for us to understand and address any customer concerns. Providing quality customer service and reliable assistance are top priorities at Wells Fargo, and we are pleased to bring this issue to a positive resolution. Before requesting an outgoing international wire, we encourage consumers to work with their banker to understand the service and how it works. We recommend that customers double check the details of each wire they send, and confirm the recipient’s information is correct, especially the beneficiary’s bank and account information, prior to authorizing an outgoing wire transfer request.”